There is some good news today. There has been no attack against Syria as of yet. The President posted an encouraging tweet indicating that cooler heads might prevail.

This doesn’t mean we are out of the woods though. I still think based on what happened last year that there is the possibility we could still see an attack. But at least that possibility has diminished. There’s talk about having inspectors go in to check out what happened etc..

Attacking Syria could literally spark off World War III. The Russians have vowed to shoot down missiles if Syria is attacked. There needs to be a saner approach. The President should not let a bunch of insane Jews in the media bully him into an attack. Dialogue with the Russians needs to be a priority.

Keep flooding the White House with emails and calls (+1-202-456-1111). Tell them that we will not support a war against Syria for a bunch of evil Jews in Israel.

It’s ironic that the Alt-Right has now become the most vocal anti-war voice in America. There’s been almost no talk from the leftists about this push for war over unproven footage of gassed babies. This is quite the reversal from the 2000s when the leftists were the most prominent anti-war voices.