The whole Brexit fiasco is continuing in the United Kingdom. Back in 2016, the British people voted to leave the European Union. The political establishment led by the treasonous wench Theresa May have sought to sabotage Brexit by refusing to implement it. Instead, she has proposed deals that aren’t actually Brexit while pretending that it is Brexit to throw the whole system into chaos.

All of this chaos is intended to trigger a second Brexit vote. Today there was a huge march in London of people who comically want to remain in the European Union.

Al Jazeera:

Hundreds of thousands of people have poured onto the streets of central London asking to have a final say on Britain’s departure from the European Union.

People of all ages from across the political spectrum public joined campaigners on Saturday for a “people’s vote” to protest the government’s handling of Brexit – many of them hoping for a chance to reverse the result of a 2016 referendum.

“I’m sorry, could you repeat the question?” read one placard.

Dubbed “Put It To The People”, the march is organised by the People’s Vote campaign, which includes more than 100 grassroots groups advocating for a public vote on the Brexit deal with the EU, and is supported by a number of pro-European organisations.

Pro-remain MPs from across the political spectrum were in their attendance, while tens of coaches descended on London from across the country. The protesters were also joined by some who flew in in from other EU countries, including from Italy and Ireland.

As the impasse over a way forward continues in Westminster, the original Brexit deadline of March 29 has now been pushed to April 12.

Basically what they’re trying to do is push for a national vote on May’s shitty non-Brexit deal. They can then claim that this is a new referendum on Brexit. Even though nobody supports this shitty deal, they’ll use it as justification to kill Brexit entirely.

Don’t you just love democracy? If the people vote for something like Brexit that Jews don’t like, it never gets implemented.

So yeah, it is looking increasingly more likely that Brexit is not going to happen. The whole thing has been intentionally sabotaged by May. It’s a total cluster fuck and proves once again why this entire system of democracy needs to be abolished. Who else does Western democracy represent besides subversive Jewish interests?