The Jew news media is going into meltdown mode. For two straight years they pushed this idea that Bob Mueller was going to indict Donald Trump for being a Russian agent. As it stands now, it doesn’t appear as if Mueller is charging Trump with anything. This narrative was pushed particularly hard by all the nitwits who do shows on MSNBC.

Glenn Greenwald might be a gay Jew, but he’s 100 percent right about MSNBC. They were feeding their audience bullshit and false hope for two years.

Even though Trump isn’t going to get indicted for being a KGB agent, you still have MSNBC hosts pushing this idea that it is all real and that Trump is eventually going to get hauled out of the White House in handcuffs.

Chris Hayes is still flat out saying that the whole thing is real.

Chris Matthews was ranting on air about how Mueller let Trump off the hook.

Joy Reid is still claiming that Trump was not legitimately elected.

And Rachel Maddow cried on air which says all you need to know.

The next step is Attorney General William Barr briefing Congress with a summary of the findings. He may even choose to release the Mueller report in its entirety. But if the report is not released in its entirety, these fools are going to claim Barr is involved in a conspiracy and there will be demands for it to be released in full. That will be the next play.

But truthfully, this whole thing has been a retarded circus from the start. If they really wanted to get Trump for foreign collusion they should have accused him of being a stooge for Israel. There’s at least some real evidence for that considering his recent push of the MIGA agenda.