A high school in Washington state literally forced their band students to play their instruments inside of individual tents. This is not satire, this actually happened.

You can picture the scene. The students were all wearing masks and were only permitted to take off their masks when they entered their individual tent with their musical instrument. Once they were done playing they had to put their mask on and could only exit the tent after their mask was on.

Plus, look at this brown kid with his Tuba. How the fuck did he even get into the tent with that enormous instrument?

And all of this madness is to prevent people from catching a virus that has over a 99.9 percent survivability rate. WTF is wrong with people? Do their brains not work? The answer to that question is obviously yes considering what we are seeing. There is no data or science backing any of these forced measures we are seeing.

What’s the point of staying safe from a virus if we lose our humanity?

This is beyond insanity, but nothing surprises me any longer.