GameStop stock is back in the news again after it rose 100 percent in a single day. Nobody even knows why.

I personally bought a small handful of shares a few weeks back mostly because I thought the whole phenomenon was funny. It was great to see all the hedge funds butt hurt about people on a message board driving up a stock and costing these parasites who were shorting the stock billions of dollars. I was also hoping the situation would create a scenario where it collapsed the entire stock market and with it end this rigged Jewish casino.

There were actually serious concerns that the short losses on the GameStop stock would trigger some type of black swan event with all the hedge funds and Wall Street firms going bankrupt from it. That’s definitely one of the reasons why brokerage firm RobinHood was pressured to halt purchases of the stock which ultimately drove the price of the stock down to $40 a share from around $300 to $400 a share. It was one of the most insane examples of market manipulation to ever happen and it was all rigged against the retail investor.

Congress held hearings about the whole situation last week. One of the Reddit investors who made millions off of the stock’s rise named Keith Gill aka DeepFuckingValue aka Roaring Kitty testified at the hearing.

Outside of his testimony I’m not sure if there was really a whole lot else of interest in the hearing largely due to the fact that it was being run by the retarded ape Mad Maxine Waters whose IQ is like around 5 on a good day.

But what we are seeing with this GameStop stock phenomenon and this concept of meme stocks is reminiscent of what we saw in the Weimar Republic of Germany prior to its hyperinflationary collapse. People were making huge profits off of stocks even though there were no fundamental reasons why they were going up. Now while you could argue that this is the case or not the case with GameStop specifically, it is certainly a case for many stocks in the stock market right now.

All of this is because the Federal Reserve is just creating gazillions of new dollars and dumping it into the market. The whole thing will collapse at some point and the fact that we are seeing a phenomenon like this GameStop stock situation, indicates to me that the whole system is getting closer to imploding completely.