You think Jewish nepotism is a conspiracy theory? Well then explain to me how the allegedly right-wing Jew Ben Shapiro was flagged by the Jew-run website of Facebook to not be censored. In fact, Facebook was actively promoting his material while almost any other right-wing personality and/or content you could think of was being systematically banned, shadow banned etc..

There’s all sorts of discussion about this on Twitter right now.

They were literally promoting Shapiro to people who were not interested in Shapiro.

Clearly, the Jews at Facebook want Shapiro to be the main thing that shows up when people look for right-wing content. It’s a known fact that Shapiro and Zuckerberg have personally met so some type of deal was struck. This much is obvious.

Back in 2019, Shapiro was praising Zuckerberg as being a defender of free speech while he was banning people left and right.

This is a clearly situation where a bunch of Jews got together and decided to promote the Jew Shapiro’s content over everybody else.

The Jewish angle to this is so obvious that it is infuriating that I even have to point this out.