One of Mark Zuckerberg’s former Harvard classmates is claiming that half of Facebook’s accounts are either fakes or duplicates.


As many as half of Facebook’s two billion accounts are fake or duplicates, according to a new report from a former classmate of CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He has highlighted how the fakes defraud users, advertisers and investors alike.

Rocked by a major privacy scandal last year, Facebook has been trying to create an image of a company with high community standards, striving to curb the illicit behavior of users. But the company may be deliberately understating the amount of fake accounts, a new report says.

The firm’s own quarterly investment reports reveal that the its much-vaunted account base, which is supposedly has over 2 billion monthly active users, is packed with fake accounts communicating with just enough randomness to trick the social network’s algorithms, according to Zuckerberg’s former classmate at Harvard, Aaron Greenspan.

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But regardless of the exact numbers, it would not surprise me at all if a huge chunk of Facebook’s accounts are either fakes or duplicates. This company has involved itself in so much unethical and dishonest behavior that nothing would be surprising.

The best thing is just to say away from this evil company. It looks like the site is starting to implode from all the scandals pertaining to user data, privacy, fraud and censorship.