They just won’t quit with this global warming hoax. How many decades have they been claiming that the planet was on the brink of ruin because of global warming or climate change? Hell, in the 1970s they were claiming the planet was going to be destroyed in a coming ice age. They can’t even decide if the earth is getting warmer or cooler.

This latest report is claiming that global warming is going to irreversibly destroy the planet by 2030 and that we have to spend billions of dollars to prevent it. In other words, Western nations have to spend money on all sorts of programs to be used in places like China, India and various third world countries in order to save the world from permanent ruin.

It’s all bullshit.

Al Gore who has been one of the most prominent promoters of this hoax was claiming in the 2000s that most of the ice around the Arctic Circle would be gone by now. His prediction was dead wrong.

Dan Pena’s dismantling of this hoax is still the best I’ve seen. It’s hilarious that JewTube actually puts a Wikipedia link under this video falsely claiming that this global warming hoax is real.

But honestly, I wish I was wrong about global warming. If we had real global warming, the locations close to the equator would become inhabitable and the black and brown populations who are bad for the environment would be dramatically reduced in numbers.