The Democrat Party is becoming increasingly more unhinged and insane. Hillary Clinton is now openly endorsing political violence saying that “now is not the time for civility.” She’s even saying that the only way civility will be restored is if Democrats win control of Congress.

This call to violence was carefully worded but it is still a call for violence. She’s openly inciting leftist mobs to attack anybody who disagrees with them and stating that the violence will not stop until they regain political power.

This is why everybody reading this needs to go out and vote Republican in the midterms. If the Democrats are defeated, they are going to become even more unhinged. We want them to go so crazy that Donald Trump will have no choice but to launch a major crackdown on these groups. If Republicans win big in the midterms, he’ll have much more flexibility to do something like this.

I mean, look at what these anti-fascist groups are doing on the streets of Portland, Oregon. They’re blocking roads, attacking motorists and the police do nothing.

I never thought I’d say this, but it looks like martial law will be the only way we are going to be able to restore order in our cities. The leftist mayors that run many of these places let these groups do whatever they want. It’s total lawlessness and Clinton wants more of it.