This is not a surprise but it turns out that the Gillette “toxic masculinity” ad that has been widely panned across the interwebs was directed by a psycho feminist cunt obsessed with vaginas.

Daily Mail:

The director behind Gillette’s controversial new ad is a woman whose past work includes an ode to female genitals and a short film that explores ‘toxic masculinity’ featuring a protagonist whose life crumbles when he becomes addicted to steroids.

The Gillette ad, called ‘We Believe: The Best Men Can Be’, takes aim at bullying and sexual harassment and has been viewed more than four million times on YouTube around the world, although it is only being shown fully in the U.S.

But while it has amassed 85,000 likes, it has also racked up 347,000 dislikes with some of the 98,657 comments below accusing it of being ‘anti-male and anti-white’ and of ‘spreading pure propaganda and indoctrination.’

Kim Gehrig, the director of the new ad, is an Australian mother-of-two who lives in London, England, and has a lengthy history of taking aim at social ills through her work.

Gehrig, who has also produced ads for Uber and Gap, is on the roster of creative agency Somesuch – an LA-based firm, whose founder Sally Campbell has been outspoken about championing women and has called out President Trump on Twitter.

Somesuch produced the ad for Grey, a part of the advertising giant WPP.

Here’s the ad if you missed it. Be sure to down vote it if you haven’t already. The like to dislike ratio was originally 1 like for every 10 dislikes but it looks like the kikes are flooding it with likes and engaging in other chicanery. They want people to think the ad isn’t as hated as it really is.

Gehrig apparently also produced this retarded ad featuring singing vaginas.

She even made a long version if you would like to torture yourself watching it.

This is of course all completely insane and nuts.

Our society’s problems have nothing to do with “toxic masculinity.” We have more problems stemming from all these stupid whores trying to be men and abandoning their proper role as women.

They should be at home raising kids and taking care of domestic work. They should not be in public spaces or in the corporate world. The level of societal dysfunction this has caused has been incalculable. All they have done is get in the way of men doing their work and reduced the value of labor. And to top it off we have some of them producing ads attacking all men as toxic and evil.

It’s also worth noting that the ad agency Gehrig works for called the Grey Group was founded by Jews. Of course, this is not a surprise considering the Gillette “toxic masculinity” ad was a direct attack on men and specifically White men. This is right up the ally of a Jewish advertising operation.

All this Jewish feminism is getting really tiring. I’m literally going to go mad if I have to see any more of this obnoxious lecturing from these stupid front hole skanks.