The Jew media is totally unhinged. President Trump does funny things and they act constantly outraged at the funny things he does.

Take for example President Trump feeding the National Champion Clemson Tigers football team fast food from McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s including 1,000 hamburgers because of the government shutdown. He even posted this funny tweet about them being great guys and big eaters!

ESPN flipped out. The stupid Negroid Stephen A. Smith said Trump was classless trying to act all serious and shit. In the same segment the kike Max Kellerman rambled on about how this was a distraction from Trump’s political problems. There was also a stupid bitch rambling incoherently about retarded nonsense.

CNN’s resident faggot Anderson Cooper obsessed over the number of hamburgers that were purchased and how Trump accidentally misspelled the word “hamburgers” in his original tweet.

Also on CNN, they made a big deal about a joke he made about the First Lady and Second Lady making salads by claiming it was “sexist.”

Talk about making a big deal out of nothing. The Clemson Tigers football team seemed to enjoy their time in the White House and ate all the food. But of course in today’s insane society, Jews want us to be perpetually outraged over every little thing Trump does.