Al Hoffman Jr. is a grumpy old kike who should fuck off to Tel Aviv.

Al Hoffman Jr. a billionaire Jew and donor to the Republican party is demanding that they end the 2nd Amendment otherwise he’ll refuse to send shekels.

NY Mag:

Al Hoffman Jr., a big-shot GOP donor from Florida, announced on Saturday that he will no longer contribute money to any candidates or groups that don’t support a ban on assault weapons for civilian use, the New York Times reports. The real estate developer and former ambassador to Portugal, who has donated millions of dollars to GOP candidates and causes, and was a particularly strong supporter of George W. and Jeb Bush, says he will try to line up other Republican donors to withhold money over the issue as well. Hoffman has pushed for more restrictions on guns before, but has never threatened politicians’ pocketbooks until now.

The obnoxious spic bitch that appears on CNN Ana Navarro thinks this is the greatest thing ever.

Fuck this kike and his shekels. We don’t need his money. The fewer Jews associated with the Republican party the better.

And instead of banning guns, I got a better idea. Let’s ban kikes. If kikes were banned the Florida school shooting never would have happened because Nikolas Cruz was a kike.

How do you like that?