Gab has reportedly been hacked by some alleged “anti-hate” group. Gab’s CEO Andrew Torba has said that the hackers were demon trannies of some sort. They apparently have obtained a big dump of user data from the site.

70GB is a good amount of data so if these reports are true we can probably assume that this contains everything that anybody has ever posted on the site.

Part of the problem Gab had at the start was taht their CTO was some weird brown guy whose name I can’t remember. All I remember is that he got really mad at some of us asking him if he shit in the street or if he used a toilet like a normal person. Whatever the case, the architecture and foundation of the site was never very good because it was built by this strange brown person.

Even recently they had to perform all sorts of voodoo just to make the site usable when all the people who got banned from Twitter, Facebook etc.. flooded on to the site. These problems no doubt stemmed from the poor design of the site. So unfortunately, this happening is not a major surprise.

Whatever the case, there’s going to be all sorts of people trying to take Gab offline. Any significant website offering any sort of free speech or offering alternative views to the ZOG establishment will be targets for elimination. They don’t want anybody questioning anything about this evil system that is emerging.