I am a person who believes in many conspiracies but I do not believe in conspiracies of which there is no evidence or no logical reason to believe that such a conspiracy exists. For instance, I believe 9/11 was a conspiracy and I believe there was all sorts of weird shit with the JFK assassination. But in both cases there are many reasons to question the official narratives.

With this Russia hoax shit, there is no evidence or logical reason to believe in it. It’s utterly incomprehensible. The Attorney General released a short summary outlining the basic findings of the Bob Mueller report. Mueller loaded up his team with Jews and Democrats hostile to Donald Trump but in the end found no evidence that he or his campaign colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. There were also two separate investigations by House and Senate committees that concluded the exact same thing.

This pretty much put to bed this entire conspiracy theory. But true believers in this retarded theory are inventing new theories to justify their belief in the original debunked conspiracy theory. They’re now claiming that Attorney General Bill Barr is lying about the findings in the report. They’re also claiming that because his summary was only four pages long and the Mueller report is hundreds of pages long, that this in of itself proves that Barr is hiding information.

This is such bullshit it is hard to comprehend. Barr provides a direct quote from the Mueller report stating that they found no evidence of a conspiracy with Russia. This quote as Nancy Pelosi and other Dems are claiming is not an interpretation from the report.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday criticized Attorney General William Barr’s summary of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, calling it “condescending” and “arrogant” and saying “it wasn’t the right thing to do.”

Asked if she is ready to accept Barr’s summary of Mueller’s conclusion that his investigation did not establish that Trump or his campaign associates conspired with Russia to win the presidential election, Pelosi didn’t directly answer, saying instead that she needs to see the full Mueller report before making a judgment about what the special counsel found and reiterating her call for it to be publicly released.

“I have said, and I’ll say again, no thank you, Mr. Attorney General, we do not need your interpretation, show us the report and we can draw our own conclusions,” Pelosi said.

So in order to believe this theory, they believe that Barr intentionally misquoted the report. But if that’s the case, why hasn’t Mueller or anybody else associated with his team come out and call out Barr for misquoting them? They haven’t said anything and that’s because he didn’t misquote the report.

Barr has also known Mueller personally for many years which makes the idea that Barr intentionally misquoted the report even more ridiculous.

And to say that Barr’s summary is inaccurate because it is only four pages long is more bullshit. It’s just a tl;dr version of the report. Just because there is less material doesn’t make it inaccurate. It’s like saying a summary of a book on Wikipedia is inaccurate simply because it is not as long as the actual book.

Barr is also working to release as much of the report as possible. The thing is, Dems are going to continue claiming that he’s concealing information due to the fact that there will be some information that he can’t release according to law.

They’re just going to continue inventing new conspiracy theories to cover up for the fact that they pushed this bullshit for the past two years.