The Brexit fiasco is continuing. March 29th was supposed to be the deadline for the UK to withdraw from the EU. That hasn’t happened because Theresa May keeps putting forward retarded non-Brexit deals that aren’t Brexit while claiming that they are Brexit. Her last attempt at this just failed.

This was done deliberately to throw the whole process into chaos to justify a second referendum that could be rigged in favor of remaining in the European Union.

There was a huge pro-Brexit rally to protest this insane bullshit. Lots of actual real native British people are very angry at what’s been happening.

Some asshole in the British media named Jon Snow actually said he was shocked at the number of White people there were protesting in London.

But what’s happened with Brexit is ripping the mask off of the fraud that is democracy. The will of the people doesn’t matter. If it did, Brexit would have been implemented. Democracy only represents people who have the biggest bank accounts and biggest megaphones and it just so happens that those are mostly subversive Jews.

The Jews don’t want Brexit because they don’t want the UK being able to control their own borders. It also strikes a blow to the European Union, a concept which is in the beginning stages of falling apart.