A Danish study on mask use concluded that medical masks did not provide effective protection against the coronavirus.

Alex Berenson made a good point about them using masks that were of far higher quality than the typical face diaper everybody is putting over their face.

Look, when this whole thing started and nobody knew what we were dealing with, I was critical of the government telling people not to wear masks. I felt that if somebody wanted to wear one, they shouldn’t be discouraged from doing so for psychological reasons. But now we know what we are dealing with and it is obvious that masks don’t work to stop the spread. It is especially ridiculous to force everyone to wear one when we know that they don’t work. It’s just an abuse of the population at this point.

You don’t even need this study to see how ineffective masks are. People have been wearing masks for months now and it has failed to stop the spread. The people promoting all of these draconian mask edicts claim that this is because people aren’t being serious enough about wearing their masks which is retarded. People have no control over how viruses spread and to shame them over this is insane.

Previously, the CDC put out a study showing that 85 percent of the people in their study who caught the coronavirus wore their masks always or often. And I see lots of people in day to day life who think this is all very real and are wearing their masks everywhere including when they are by themselves inside their car.

Masks do not work and the entire virus scare itself is a stupid hoax!

The coronavirus has close to a 99.99 percent survivability rate!

Take off the face diapers!