Wayne County election officials refused to certify the vote due to the massive amounts of fraud that took place in Detroit and other places. As a result of this, they were threatened and harassed. Ultimately, they were forced to certify the vote but refused to sign the documents certifying it.

The two election officials who refused to certify the vote have been labeled “racists” by the enemy media.

What does race have to do with voter fraud? This is just desperation by our enemies. They are the one’s who are humiliating themselves by claiming concerns about obvious voter fraud is “racist” or whatever.

President Donald J. Trump also commented on the situation, describing how there were more votes than people!

This just gets crazier and crazier. They are threatening and harassing election officials now who refuse to go along with this scam.

I would not expect Attorney General Bill Barr to do anything about it though. That fat fuck hasn’t done shit about anything and he is part of the conspiracy to remove Trump from office.