The Communist Negro Barack Obama who has done everything in his power to destroy America, received some bullshit award for “ethics” and delivered a rambling, incoherent speech today. He basically went full ape on Donald Trump. He seems to be very upset that Trump in under two years has made his entire time in office irrelevant.

This ridiculous monkey was trying to frame his eight years as president as normal and Trump’s presidency as something crazy. In reality, Trump’s presidency is just a return to normalcy. A low IQ Marxist nigger from Kenya becoming the President of the United States was an aberration only possible because of wealthy kikes who funded his campaign.

Trump summed it up best when he said that Obama’s speech caused him to fall asleep.

It would take awhile to go through and dissect all of the insane things that Obama said, but it was just him whining about Trump. He even thought that he should be given credit for Trump’s economy.

He hilariously criticized Trump for trying to establish closer ties to Russia even though he famously told Dmitry Medvedev that he’d have more flexibility after getting re-elected.

This was just one of many hypocritical statements he made during his insane speech.

This ridiculous nigger just needs to go away. We don’t need some Communist Kenyan lecturing us on what America should be. Trump should ask Jeff Sessions to re-investigate his birth certificate situation. How funny would that be?