Still think there is “justice” in America? Think again. Some Communist faggot terrorist who punched “Unite the Right” organizer Jason Kessler was only fined $1 and will receive no jail time for his crime. This despite the fact that the attack occurred in full view of the entire media.


For the crime of striking “Unite the Right” organizer Jason Kessler, a Charlottesville, Va., jury says Jeffrey Winder must pay a fine of $1 — far short of the maximum possible penalty. Winder had appealed his original guilty finding, which included a 30-day jail sentence.

A judge had found Winder guilty of misdemeanor assault in February. After Winder appealed, a jury affirmed the guilty verdict this week but decided he should serve no jail time — and pay only a minimal fine.

“They clearly thought about it very sincerely,” Winder’s attorney, James Abrenio, said of the jury. He also praised the judge and prosecutor in the case, saying, “They were all kind.”

So because he attacked Kessler who is perceived to be a Neo-Nazi and a White supremacist, he gets off with a $1 fine. Meanwhile, everybody on our side who attended the event got railroaded by the “justice” system. In several cases, people who were simply defending themselves from violent niggers got lengthy jail sentences.

The “justice” system is entirely corrupt. There is no jury or judge who would let any one of us off with a $1 fine if we went up to a nigger and punched them in the face.

This sets a very bad precedent but hopefully it will illustrate to more and more people how bad the so-called “justice” system really is.