Who the hell is this black midget CJ Pearson? I guess he was supposed to be a based black midget? Well, he doesn’t seem so based when I read the bullshit he is tweeting.

Here he turned against the groyper army and accused the commanding general of the groyper army Nick Fuentes of engaging in anti-Semitism while disavowing Fuentes.

Fuentes rightly responded to the betrayal of this allegedly based black midget individual and told him he was a phony.

But just a short time after trashing the groyper army, the black midget said that he was taking a break from Twitter to tackle leftist indoctrination lol.

Using terms like “anti-Semitism” to attack people, is a Jewish and leftist tactic. But Pearson claims he’s going to be fighting leftist indoctrination? Perhaps he should stop using leftist tactics on social media before he tries tackling such a large task.

What a fraud. CJ Pearson is fake based black midget conservative.