Roger Stone was just found guilty of doing some alleged bullshit that nobody can even explain. I guess he could face up to 50 years in jail or something.

The orange man took a break from tweeting 24/7 about the Jewish impeachment circus that’s been going on to tweet about Stone’s conviction.

The orange man makes some good points. Whatever Stone is alleged to have done, the crimes of all the people he mentioned are many more times worse. But for some reason, nothing has happened to them. There hasn’t been a single indictment against any of these people and I have no confidence that there ever will be.

The orange man should pardon Stone immediately. I can also think of many other individuals who the orange man should pardon like James Fields who got sentenced to 419 years in jail for a traffic accident.

Seriously, what sort of fucked up justice system do we have in America? Shit like this should not be happening.

I literally believe that the old Soviet Union had a more fair justice system than what currently exists in the ZOG that is the United States.