A shooting spree at a couple of New Zealand mosques in Christchurch has left at least 49 dead. The Daily Stormer has a full rundown of everything that took place along with analysis. Use this Tor link if you have problems accessing it.

There’s lots to unpack here, but I’ll just summarize some of the key points.

The shooter apparently named Brenton Tarrant live streamed it wearing a GoPro camera. The footage has been uploaded all across social media with sites frantically trying to remove it. Here’s a torrent link to the footage. Shit looked like it was straight out of a first person shooter.

Before doing the shooting he said “subscribe to PewDiePie.”

He also published a manifesto. In it he articulately explains his motivation citing the displacement of European peoples and Islamic terrorist attacks throughout the West.

Upon scanning through the manifesto, it is clear that Tarrant is not some type of deranged person. He is simply the result of the multicultural hell that exists throughout much of the West.

The funniest part about it is that he blames Candace Owens for radicalizing him.

As with previous shooting incidents, I do not endorse this type of violence. The only way we can truly change things is by taking control of the state through the political support of our people. This type of shooting spree will not help us get closer to this goal. But with that said, I absolutely sympathize and understand why he did what he did. These types of incidents are only going to become increasingly more frequent if our political grievances are not adequately addressed. This is just a fact.

Governments across the West have betrayed us by allowing millions upon millions of hostile Moslems and other third world populations to enter our lands. In many cases, the state is subsidizing the invasion by giving these invaders and their children welfare.

And yet despite all this, we are being told by our political leaders that we should be sad about a bunch of dead Moslems. Why? I couldn’t give a single fuck that these Moslems are dead. Many comments being posted about the incident on normie-tier sites echo similar sentiments.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister is calling it the “darkest day” for the country. Actually, what’s dark is the fact that she and other political leaders have let these third world hordes come into our lands to feed off of us.

I have no idea what the ultimate political repercussions of this are going to be, but at least it is something we can all laugh at. The memes that are going to result from this will be endless.

And we can only hope that Twitter and all the other major social media sites will ban Candace Owens for radicalizing people into committing acts of violence against Moslems.