72 Republicans and Democrats in Congress just took a trip to Israel and will be spending a couple of days there.

AIPAC the Zionist terrorist group, bragged about the trip on their official Twitter account.

I’d like to know why so many members of Congress are spending this much time in a foreign country. What is the purpose of this trip?

We have enough problems in America that need to be solved yet these traitors have the time to spend days in Israel? Why?

And what is so special about this relationship with Israel? WTF does Israel do for us that’s so great?

I personally couldn’t give a shit about a bunch of desert-dwelling kikes on the other side of the world. What’s so special about them? That Adolf Hitler allegedly tried to shove six million of them into ovens? Nobody can answer these questions with any sort of coherent or logical answer.

So fuck all these pieces of shit. If they like Jews and Israel so much they should stay there and never come back.