The FBI just arrested a so-called “White supremacist” because he made a joke about his AR-15 and Walmart on Facebook.

Fox News:

A Florida man was arrested Friday for posting a threatening message on social media that said he was going to have his semi-automatic rifle returned and shoppers should avoid Walmart, authorities said.

Richard Clayton, 26, made the threat on Facebook on Aug. 6, writing: “3 more days of probation left then I get my AR-15 back. Don’t go to Walmart next week,” Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) said.

Clayton posted his message just three days after a gunman walked into a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, and killed 22 people.

Clayton, of Winter Park, was taken into custody following a joint investigation involving the FDLE, FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and Winter Park Police Department. He appeared to believe in the white supremacist ideology and had a history of writing threatening messages on Facebook using fake accounts, according to investigators.

This is fundamentally retarded. Does the FBI not know the difference between a joke and an actual threat? Apparently not. So they are just arresting random White people and charging them with crazy crimes for posting jokes on the Internet. And from there they can claim that they are fighting the alleged threat of White supremacist terrorism which in of itself is a farcical Jewish hoax. There’s a much bigger problem with blacks shooting one another and Islamic terrorism when you look at the death totals. And those groups represent a much smaller percentage of the population. If the FBI was actually a legitimate law enforcement organization, they would be dedicating their resources into those areas.

This whole situation is insane. But unfortunately, the FBI has allocated a substantial sum of resources to entrap people into doing terrorism or goading people into making threats that they can use to justify making arrests. They are now using this machine to target alleged “White supremacists” and claiming that Internet jokes are the equivalent of making terrorist threats.

I personally believe that the FBI is doing this because they harbor irrational hatred of White people and hate the color of their skin. But that’s just my opinion.