A clip is making the rounds on social media showing Turning Point USA head Charlie Kirk bashing the orange man back in 2016. As we know, Kirk was never a true Donald Trump supporter and just latched on to Trump after he won the nomination and the presidency.

Amazingly, the orange man today views Kirk as a great ally.

He even recently put out a tweet promoting Kirk’s stupid book.

Basically what’s happened is the orange man has given a big middle finger to all of his early supporters and replaced us with foolish establishment losers like Kirk. That’s why his 2020 campaign is centered around stupid shit like stopping socialism, decreasing nigger unemployment and legalizing gay anal sex around the globe. The 2020 campaign is shaping up to be nothing like the 2016 campaign which centered around stopping immigration and ending bullshit foreign wars for Israel.

I was an early supporter of Trump dating back to 2015 and to my knowledge he has not sent out tweets asking people to visit my website or buy any of my books. But here we see the orange man openly shilling Kirk’s political brand which is worth about as much as the shit that comes out of a dog’s ass.