One of the craziest things about this latest social media purge by the Jew-run enterprise of YouTube is that they banned the electronic music artist Xurious. He is an artist who produces instrumental electronic music. Some very good electronic music I might add. There is nothing overtly political about any of his content but they banned him any way.

Those tweets from Xurious pretty much sums up the insanity of the situation. Not only do these Jews want to ban political content but they want to ban any art that promotes an alternative culture outside of all the mainstream kike crap that they try and shove down our throats. And they will do this all while leaving content up on their site that clearly violates their terms of service.

At least you can still find his work up on Soundcloud. Of course, who knows how long the kikes will allow that. The entire Alt-Right was pretty much banned off of Soundcloud back in 2017.

YouTube banning Xurious is not a surprise though. These kikes are literally going to shut anything and everything down. We’ve been saying this for years now.