Sluts are totally out of control in America. Due to the fact that they are incapable of keeping their legs closed, they are in panic as states have started to tighten abortion laws. So now, they’re buying morning-after pills in mass.


With the battle over abortion heating up, some pharmacists say the Plan B morning-after pill is flying off the shelves. They say they’re having trouble keeping the over-the-counter medication in stock.

Those pharmacists say some women are afraid as states move to tighten abortion laws.

“They’re afraid they might get into something that would hold them from getting an abortion,” pharmacist Sarah Alameddine said. “The demand has been high, it will continue to be high.”

This just proves once again that women are largely disgusting creatures who have no impulse control. There is no need to kill a child in your womb or buy morning-after pills. Just keep your legs closed and don’t slut around with random strangers you meet on Tinder. You won’t unexpectedly get pregnant if you follow this very simple philosophy.

The problem is that these millennial skanks think that fucking 100 men by the time they are 30 represents sexual empowerment. In reality, all they are doing is turning themselves into a disgusting sperm toilet who nobody will want anything to do with once they hit the wall.

I get that women reading this will think this is mean and uncalled for, but too fucking bad. These things need to be said. You are completely out of control and you are ruining yourselves. By saying these things, I am only trying to save you from condemning yourself to a life of misery.