YouTube aka JewTube has decided to ban gun videos from their platform. These kikes should just admit that they intend to ban everything from their platform that they don’t like. Guns owned by non-Jews is certainly something that they don’t like.


Gun videos may be a thing of the past on YouTube, with the Google-owned company updating its policies on firearms-related content. Videos can no longer sell guns or accessories via direct sales or even have links to sites that sell them. Videos also cannot have instruction on manufacturing firearms or associated items like magazines or silencers.

Accessories banned include bump stocks, gatling triggers, drop-in auto sears and conversion kits, as well as high-capacity magazines. Instruction on upgrading firearms to automatic or simulated automatic firing capabilities is similarly prohibited. This isn’t YouTube’s first policy update around firearms, either; the company banned gun mod tutorials after the Las Vegas shooting last year.

According to Motherboard, YouTube has already removed some of these types of videos, causing some consternation among popular gun vloggers. “As much as I appreciate that they are now defining their guidelines much more clear…they have imposed this NEW rule without talking to anyone beforehand and there is no transitional period,” slingshot vlogger Jörg Sprave told the site. “Many gun channels must now be afraid, as they might get plenty of strikes in no time for older videos and then lose their channels. They should at least get some time to clean up their videos so the new rules are kept. Again, not the way you treat ‘partners.'”

This is so retarded but I’m not surprised in the least that they would do this. After all, we are dealing with Jews here.

Susan Wojcicki is the ugly horse faced kike who approves all the thought policing on JewTube. Besides that nasty horse face, she’s pretty hot for a kike! lol

What’s really crazy about this is that many of these videos they are banning are gun safety videos. They show people how to use firearms and their accessories in a responsible manner. There’s no logical reason to ban videos like these.

JewTube is constantly redefining the rules on their platform. Specifically, they’re trying to move YouTube into a place where only large Jew-run corporations will be able to make money and profit off of a presence on the platform.

More importantly though, this is the Jews continuing their attack on the First Amendment and the Second Amendment. It’s reason number 6,000,000 why we need sites like JewTube and others regulated by the government. They’re completely out of control with their censorship policies.