The vile fake conservative niglet-lover David French took to Twitter to attack Nick Fuentes and the groyper army.

Fuentes issued the following response to the retarded ramblings of French.

For those of you who don’t know who French is, he’s a very stupid person who writes for the National Review. His entire job revolves around shilling for Israel and promoting a variety of fake conservative talking points.

He also adopted a little niglet child from Ethiopia and is very proud about this.

But seriously David, you just need to fuck the hell off. Fuentes and the groyper army represent the future. You represent the past. Boomers are starting to die off in larger numbers and they were the only demographic of people who even gave the smallest of shits about your incoherent political commentary.

The average person just thinks you are a vile asshole and it is probably about time that you accept this fact about yourself. Just admit that you have failed at life and are a horrible piece of shit.