I am cautiously optimistic that the groyper war of the past few weeks has finally put a nail in the coffin of all the retarded wignat bullshit that has gone on for years. Wignats or “wigger nationalists” are stupid people who have claimed that the answer to our problems revolves around dressing up as costume Nazis while marching around in public looking like a bunch of goons and jackasses. Some of them have come off as racist leftists who promote Communist doctrine. Others are feds or are working for the government in some capacity. But many of them are just shitty people who have totally failed at life.

It is worth reiterating that dressing up like a stereotypical Nazi that you see in Jewish Hollywood films is not an effective means at converting people to your political ideology. This tactic has been used for several decades and it has done nothing to advance things in a positive direction. It could easily be argued that this has been by done by design.

Many wignat leaders have been exposed as feds or have suddenly disavowed their previously racist ideology and started working on behalf of the opposition.

Optics, strategy and tactics matter. To say otherwise is the perspective of a retarded person. The groyper war has proved that people can be very effective politically if they simply present themselves as a normal person while articulating our ideas in a coherent manner. This is not something that should be difficult to comprehend but it was something that moronic wignats regularly opposed.

The response from the groyper war has been interesting. You have all these wignats, fake conservative shills and Alt-Lite shitheads closing ranks in an attempt to stop what’s happening. But there is no doubt that the groyper war has done great damage to the credibility of the fake conservative establishment. It has especially done great damage to the youth wing of fake conservatism incorporated. And anybody who doesn’t support doing damage to fake conservatism incorporated can straight fuck the hell off.

The fake conservative establishment is perhaps one of the biggest problems we have and it is vitally important to bring it down. The election of Donald Trump in 2016 was the first major rejection of this establishment. And what we are seeing with the groyper war is a larger crack in the fake conservative establishment beginning to emerge. We need to support the groyper war and bring down all these shills who claim to be “conservative” while promoting mass legal immigration, gay anal sex and Israel.

A constant disruption of fake conservative establishment events like the upcoming Turning Point USA conference in December and CPAC 2020 will be hugely important. It will set the stage for us to purge the Republican Party of all these anti-American traitors and hopefully get our own people into key positions of power and influence.

Undoubtedly, some of these wignat personalities will linger around on social media to counter signal this hugely positive shift. The thing is, these people have little to no public support and they will quickly fade into irrelevancy as we see the groyper army rack up more political victories.

The groyper war has been one of the most positive political developments in recent memory. We need to support it and take it to bigger levels and greater heights.