Not surprisingly, one of the only sane Democrat presidential candidates, Tulsi Gabbard is getting Jewed over by the big tech companies. Google actually suspended her account for six hours after a previous Democrat debate and prevented her from running campaign ads at a critical time. As a result of this, she is suing them for $50 million.

She was on Tucker Carlson to talk about this a few days ago.

Clearly what Google did to Gabbard is blatant election interference. But Google is run by Jews so this type of chicanery is not surprising. We have years of documented evidence indicating that these Jewish tech companies are doing all sorts of crazy shit to prevent people from engaging in public discourse.

In addition to this nonsense with Google, people are saying that Twitter is Jewing her as well.

The Jews don’t like Gabbard for a number of reasons but largely because she is against endless wars for Jews and Israel. That’s one of the main reasons why they’re trying to shut her down.

It is interesting to see how Jews are trying to shut down any alternative voice that doesn’t 100 percent support their agendas. I think it is a big mistake by these kikes to try and shut down Gabbard like they’ve been doing to right-wingers. It is only going to increase the amount of people demanding that something be done about these evil kikes who are trying to censor and stifle free speech on the Internet.

Of course, they’re not going to take my advice because they view me as a Neo-Nazi. So they will just continue banning and censoring people until the majority of the public is demanding that they be thrown in shower room gas chambers.