Kamala Harris got utterly wrecked by Tulsi Gabbard during the recent Democrat debate. She called her out for all sorts of bad shit she did while she was the Attorney General of California and exposed her as a fraud. Harris had literally no response to Gabbard’s points and her campaign is responding by labeling Gabbard with bullshit smears.

It was the most noteworthy moment of the debate by far considering that Harris is arguably the Democrat candidate most preferred by Jews.

The Jews did not like this which is why CNN had Chris Cuomo do an ambush styled interview on Tulsi. Cuomo tried to frame her as a terrorist because she didn’t want to wage a war for Jews against Syria.

Tucker Carlson gave her a good interview though.

I don’t think Gabbard will win the Democrat nomination, but the longer she is in the race the better. She is exposing these phony establishment hacks who like Harris are all controlled by Jewish interests.