Tucker Carlson briefly discussed the Christchurch, New Zealand mosque shooting incident on his show yesterday with Mark Steyn. They were saying pretty much the same things that we have been saying. The more you suppress free political speech, the greater chance you have for violence.

This is just an obvious reality. The Jewish establishment has done everything in their power to prevent people from speaking freely about their disdain for multiculturalism, mass migration and other related issues. They’ve banned people from social media, gotten people fired from their jobs and had them violently attacked because of their political views.

Australia and New Zealand Internet Service Providers are going so far as to block sites like 4chan, 8chan and others simply because they had a copy of the Brenton Tarrant mosque shooting footage on their websites. They are even threatening to throw people in prison for 10 years because they possess a copy of said video.

If you are going to eliminate any and all outlets for young men to vent their frustrations, some of these young men are going to lash out in violence. That is what happens when you give people no hope for real political change let alone an opportunity to fairly air their grievances.

It’s a shame that it has come to this but it is what it is. One of the main reasons why I run this website and write articles for the Daily Stormer is because I’ve wanted to help create peaceful political change within the system. The last thing I’ve wanted was a violent outcome. Unfortunately, we’ve been blocked in all of our attempts to achieve a peaceful outcome. We’ve tried to air our grievances both online and in real life only to have the full weight of this diabolical system come crashing down on us. So at this point, what are we supposed to tell young men who have been disaffected by this system?

The end result of this is what we saw in Christchurch. It is inevitable that we are going to see more incidents like these. Especially considering that Internet censorship is only going to become increasingly more severe in the coming months and years. And while I do not endorse violence, it is becoming increasingly understandable why someone like Tarrant would resort to it.