The Chinese know what’s up with the Moslems and they understand why Brenton Tarrant did what he did. Support for Tarrant is widespread on the Chinese Internet.


Brenton Tarrant, the 28-year-old Australian gunman who carried out the deadly mosque shooting in New Zealand on Friday (March 15), said in his screed that “the nation with the closest political and social values” to his own is China, and that he admired “non-diverse” nations.

While Tarrant, who now faces one charge of murder, didn’t elaborate on his views of China—which was one of many global references (paywall) he dropped that investigators are now examining—his hatred of Islam certainly has support from corners of China’s internet.

One anonymous post (link in Chinese) on social network WeChat titled “The words on the New Zealand shooter’s guns reflect the deep anxiety of European white men”—a reference to the white supremacy markings on Tarrant’s rifles, and his grievances over Muslim immigration to western countries—has garnered at least 100,000 views at the time of writing, the maximum number of views on a post displayed by the platform. The piece lays blame on Christchurch officials for allowing the construction of mosques, and claimed this resulted in more Muslims coming to the city.

Some of the comments under the post suggest that followers of the “green religion“—a sometimes derogatory term often used on the Chinese internet to refer to Islam because of the significance of the color to the faith—brought the attack upon themselves. “The green religion launches terrorist attacks everywhere, and now the attack finally comes to them… Green religion is backwards, stupid, barbaric, and violent,” said one such comment.

Elsewhere, on social network Weibo, many comments reflected the view that the shooting was a by-product of the West’s excessive political correctness, a perspective that has found increasing support on China’s internet in recent years as part of what’s known as the baizuo, or “white left” movement, a derogatory term used to describe Western progressives that is roughly analogous to the term “social justice warrior.”

One Weibo user wrote (link in Chinese), “This is a rare act of resistance from a white man. We need to find a way to prolong this and encourage white men to apply for all kinds of honors for the gunman, including a Nobel peace prize.” Another wrote (link in Chinese) that “this so-called ‘darkest day‘ is simply political correctness. A reminder to the greens: not everyone is willing to tolerate your outrageous actions.” The comment was a reference to remarks by New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern, who said the attack would be remembered as one of the country’s darkest days.

It is very funny that one of them said that Tarrant should be given the Nobel Peace Prize. It just shows that the Chinese don’t give a fuck about any of this stupid ideological nonsense that is destroying the West. The average Chinaman views political correctness no different than us right-wingers do.

Anglin also found a Chinese poll showing that 81 percent of Chinese polled sympathized with Tarrant. 61 percent viewed it as an act of revenge and hilariously 14 percent viewed it as an act of self defense.

Tarrant’s manifesto praises China for their lack of diversity and he’s not wrong. China might not be a perfect society, but they are a much healthier country because the state supports the majority racial group and there is no obsession over minority rights. They even have indoctrination camps for the minority Moslem population. Objectively speaking, this is a better system than what we currently have in the West with Jewish mass media and democracy.