Yesterday, Donald Trump put out a bunch of tweets about all the social media censorship that’s been going on. He even re-tweeted people like Paul Joseph Watson and Lauren Southern. But ultimately, he just said that none of this was fair and that he was “monitoring” the situation.

We’ve talked about this before. This is code for him saying that he’s just going to tweet about it but not do anything about it. And let’s face facts, everyone is well aware of the problem. The problem is that he refuses to do anything to address it.

Here’s what he re-tweeted.

None of these people Trump re-tweeted including Watson and Southern were vocally supporting our free speech when the big shut down happened post-Charlottesville. Not substantively at least. Watson may have sent out a tweet or two questioning it, but neither him nor his buddy Alex Jones were raising a huge stink about it. They only started raising a big stink about tech censorship when the ban hammer started coming down on them.

Ultimately though, I no longer expect Trump to do anything significant against big tech. It looks like he’s just going to keep sending out tweets while doing nothing against these parasitical tech monopolies. So all he’s doing right now is giving people false hope.

It’s a shame, because if Trump really went after these tech companies and forced them to let all of us back on, he’d probably gain a good amount of support back.