Over the past few decades all we have heard is how great racial diversity is. Well, we have ample evidence to indicate that racial diversity is not wonderful. In fact, we have ample evidence to indicate that racial diversity sucks my hairy balls.

The good news is that it looks as if we are finally seeing the beginning of the end for affirmative action. This insane Marxist agenda forced people to give opportunities to unqualified women and racial minorities because of feelings or whatever.

The Trump administration today announced that they were rescinding an Obama-era initiative that encouraged schools to factor in race when deciding who to let in. The easier way to explain it is that they were trying to get schools to let in fewer White people qualifications be damned.

Watch CNN whine about it.

This was excellent timing also. Making this announcement on the day before Independence Day limits the ability of the Jews to bitch about it.

But even the Jew-run media is saying that affirmative action is all but toast. The Atlantic did a whole piece on it whining about how America’s colleges will be whiter than they are today.

Affirmative action was an admission that black and brown individuals couldn’t compete with Whites and Asians on merit. These policies didn’t do them any favors because even if there was a black or brown person who could compete based on merit, nobody believed it. They were always viewed as a token nigger or token spic etc..

So overall, this is a very good step by Trump. Affirmative action was always a ridiculous and retarded policy. It should be banned entirely and the courts need to make rulings declaring it unlawful. After all, it’s really just anti-White discrimination.

Of course we wouldn’t even be talking about things like this if we had a racially homogeneous society of White people. It’s just another thing we have to be distracted with because of multiculturalism.