I finally got around to watching some of the clips from Tucker Carlson’s show last night. It was a great show.

Tucker’s monologue was outstanding. He correctly broke down the insanity and stupidity of America’s foreign policy in the post World War II era. He went on to explain that this is why Donald Trump has gotten all sorts of hate for trying to establish friendly relations with Russia. He’s effectively exposed the establishment as a bunch of fools and morons.

This was followed by an interview with the President which he did right after Trump concluded his talks with Vladimir Putin.

There’s all sorts of great stuff included in the interview. Loved the things Trump said about immigration and how he warned European leaders about their cultures changing.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the interview was what Trump said about NATO. He does not like the fact that NATO keeps expanding to include countries like Montenegro. And he’s right to be concerned about this. The more NATO expands, the less of a strategic benefit it is to the United States. It also increases the chance that we’ll get dragged into a stupid war.

This is why NATO either has to be totally transformed into a White military alliance with Russia or the United States should withdraw from NATO and align with Russia on our own.

From a political standpoint, this is something that would take a little while to achieve, but it’s the best strategic decision for the United States. We gain nothing in the current paradigm. There is nobody of sound mind who could argue otherwise.