I would like to thank Donald Trump the President of America for seriously looking at banning vaping products. The epidemic of vaping is one of the most critical issues facing our country at this moment.

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The vape industry used to view May 2020 as a time of reckoning: it’s when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would require applications for any flavored e-liquid, with products taken off the market until they gained approval.

But nothing prepared makers and fans of e-cigarettes for the events of Wednesday, when President Donald Trump dropped the gauntlet some eight months early by announcing his administration would ban flavored e-cigarettes.

“I said ‘oh shit, is this for real?” Jai Gyorfi, better known as ‘Jai Haze’ on YouTube, said of learning of the e-cigarette flavor ban, which takes effect within a matter of weeks. Haze, who runs a vape shop in New Jersey, has nearly 170,000 subscribers on his vaping-oriented YouTube channel. After the announcement, a bewildered Gyorfi hosted a livestream with nearly 2,000 viewers who were blindsided by the news.

Vaping kills people. This is just a fact.

I personally know several people who vaped. Most of them died after vaping for a single week. The ones who did not die suffered greatly from their vaping habits. Many of them went bald, developed erectile dysfunction and experienced anal leakage.

One of my good friends pictured below was forced to permanently wear an adult diaper. That’s because his ass kept leaking as a result of his vaping addiction. He did not go bald however, but as you can see, his life was impacted quite negatively from vaping.

This vaping business is truly horrible. Just say no and stay away from vaping kids. Vaping will ruin your life. All vaping products should absolutely be banned. This is a crisis and the hysteria and panic over this is definitely warranted.