Today, Donald Trump met with Mark Zuckerberg the evil Jewish lizard who heads Facebook. He said that he had a “nice meeting” with him.

Just what in the hell does he mean by “nice meeting”?

This Jew is one of the main individuals responsible for censoring content on the Internet and he sure as hell doesn’t want Trump to be re-elected.

He should be playing hardball with Zuckerberg since this Jew has been conspiring to destroy free speech on the Internet. The United States government should be bringing the hammer down on his shitty Jewish organization so free speech on the Internet can be restored.

Trump’s lack of action is allowing these retarded Jewish tech monopolies to function as Internet thought police. And if they don’t like what you are saying, they have the power to effectively render you a digital non-person.

I would hope that he’s being sarcastic by saying “nice meeting” but all he’s done is talk about Internet censorship and hasn’t done anything to stop it so I’m not optimistic about this at all.