Tom Brokaw the longtime NBC News anchorman was just exposed as a racist Neo-Nazi by a Twitter mob after he criticized Hispanics for not integrating into American society. He also said that people don’t want brown grandchildren.

What’s funny is just a short while ago, this was essentially the mainstream liberal position. They were fine with all these brown people coming in on the condition that they integrated into American society. But we are now at a point where the Jew-left considers it racist to even insist that any brown person speak English and integrate into our culture.

Brokaw in his older years hasn’t been able to keep up with how fast the political environment has changed. He posted some very clumsy boomer-like tweets hastily trying to apologize for offending people.

Brokaw is actually part of the Silent Generation but he’s just as bad at using social media as your average boomer. Just look at this Brokaw apology tweet.

If he thought apologizing would be enough, he was wrong. He’ll probably be banned from ever speaking again on television after this.

It is very likely that this is the end for Tom Brokaw.