During the Oscars, the CIA posted tweets about the movie Black Panther and asked people a series of bizarre questions about Wakandan technology.

Just WTF is going on here? Black Panther came out a full year ago and we continue to see  this shitty film crammed down everyone’s throats. And Oscars or not, it is particularly odd to see the CIA post these dumb tweets about non-existent Wakandan technology.

Blacks should be embarrassed that their history as a people is so irrelevant that the Jews had to promote a fictional world to make them feel proud of their heritage. Because let’s be honest, what do blacks have to be proud of? Their history has been centered around jungle savagery, cannibalism, slavery and demanding free shit from White people.

It’s utterly ridiculous for the CIA to be wasting taxpayer dollars tweeting out this type of retarded shit.