The 9/11 attacks took place 18 years ago.

Since that point in time the United States government has used this event to justify waging endless wars for the benefit of Jews and Israel.

Even though there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to indicate that Israel and Saudi Arabia played a major role in orchestrating these attacks, neither of them have been held accountable.

A group of Israelis who were spotted filming and celebrating the attacks in New York City as they happened were let go and allowed to return to Israel.

15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis.

Not only have both Israel and Saudi Arabia not been held accountable for what happened, but they have been the direct beneficiaries of the 9/11 attacks.

Since 2001, America has invaded Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. All countries Israel considered their enemy.

We’ve even done a huge arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

But despite all of this, many Americans still believe the lie that Israel is our greatest ally and that some guy named Osama Bin Laden a one time CIA asset planned the 9/11 attacks from a mountain cave in Afghanistan all by himself.

It’s funny how nobody in the media mentions any of this information. Instead, they just tell us how we have to be sad and remember how sad we were when the 9/11 attacks happened. Because the horrible things that happened is a reminder that we have to wage endless wars for Jews and surrender any and all freedoms in a never ending war against Islamic terrorism. Never mind the fact that our immigration policy is letting Moslems come into the country. And we are even allowing Moslems to hold a variety of political offices because it’d be hateful not to allow them to do so.

Americans should be asking some serious questions about the 9/11 attacks, the obviously false official narrative surrounding them and all the stupid shit our country has done following that day. Unfortunately it is doubtful they will do this, because most Americans are gullible fools who will fully believe whatever a bunch of Jews on television tell them to believe.