Apparently Media Matters think they can get Tucker Carlson fired off of Fox News for making politically incorrect statements on the Bubba the Love Sponge shock jock show back in the 2000s.

Fresh off of releasing comments showing Tucker bashing stupid whores, they released more Tucker comments showing him making various pro-White statements and went so far as to call Iraqis, “semiliterate primitive monkeys.”

He is refusing to apologize for anything he said on a shock jock show back in the 2000s.

Granted the comments he made are a bit more extreme than some of the comments he made about stupid whores, but there’s nothing really crazy about them. We just live in a situation where we have insane people trying to ruin people’s lives for having certain thoughts.

Carlson currently has the most popular show on Fox News. They’d be stupid to get rid of him. Of course, they got rid of Bill O’Reilly over sexual harassment #MeToo nonsense and he was a mainstay on the network for roughly two decades. So a this point, it is hard to say what they’ll do.