Trump has decided to ground the Boeing 737 Max after a bunch of niggers crashed one and killed hundreds in Ethiopia.

Daily Mail:

President Trump says he is grounding all U.S. flights on Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 planes ‘effective immediately’ in an emergency order of prohibition.

Any plane that is currently in the air will be allowed to land, and then the planes will be grounded until further notice, he said in a surprise announcement on Wednesday afternoon.

Trump said he made the decision following conversations with Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg and acting FAA administrator Dan Elwell after ‘new information’ and ‘physical evidence’ emerged on tragic incidents involving the Max 8 aircraft.

‘They are all in agreement with the action,’ Trump announced from the White House. ‘Planes that are in the air will be grounded, if they’re the 737 Max, will be grounded upon landing at the destination.’

An Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed Sunday, shortly after taking off from Addis Ababa. All 157 people on aircraft perished. A Lion Air flight on a 737 Max 8 crashed in October in Indonesia, taking the lives of its 189 passengers and crew, too.

The two cases where we had a crash of the Boeing 737 Max was in Ethiopia and in Indonesia. It would seem to me that these were two accidents resulting from us foolishly providing advanced technology to primitive low IQ people. If it was a problem with the plane, why haven’t we seen similar crashes all over the United States? While it is true that American pilots reported an issue with the Boeing 737 Max’s autopilot system, the problem did not result in them crashing a plane and killing lots of people.

Obviously, we need more information before drawing any real conclusions, but this seems to be the most logical assessment of the situation. It’s insane that we provide advanced technology to primitive people and expect them to use it as efficiently and safely as us. This insanity of pretending that race doesn’t exist and is just a social construct is literally costing lives.

But no, instead of having a real substantive conversation about race, they’re going to blame the engineers at Boeing for all those dead people.