The illegitimate Harris-Biden regime has started to implement all sorts of horrible things. One of these horrible things is a gay order mandating everyone wear masks on federal lands to battle the flu. Just hours after signing this stupid order, senile Joe was spotted at the Lincoln Memorial not wearing a mask thus violating his own order that he just signed.

NY Post:

President Biden was spotted going maskless at the Lincoln Memorial on Wednesday night — hours after signing an executive order mandating the use of masks on federal land to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

The newly inaugurated president went bare-faced not only during a televised address to the American people, but also outside the context of the speech, as he stood at the foot of the memorial, C-SPAN footage shows.

The clip showed Biden standing before the towering statue of the nation’s 16th president, another person a short distance to his left at an angle that obscures whether they too were unmasked.

The lapse in coronavirus safety precautions by the 78-year-old president came just hours after he signed an executive order mandating masks on federal property.

If there’s any good news about the Harris-Biden regime is that they are undoubtedly going to do all sorts of things like this and the outright hypocrisy is just going to make people even angrier. And people are really angry already.