Why would anybody want to live in San Francisco? The cost of living is one of the most expensive any where in the country and you have fucked up individuals shitting in the streets everywhere. In fact, street poop is now at an all-time high level. They actually have charts documenting this shit (no pun intended).

SF Chronicle:

One of America’s wealthiest cities has a huge problem with public poop.

Between 2011 and 2018, San Francisco experienced a massive increase in reported incidents of human feces found on public streets.

In 2011, just over 5,500 reports were logged by the San Francisco Department of Public Works; in 2018, the number increased to more than 28,000.

San Francisco is a totally fucked up city. This situation can’t be allowed to continue.

I am once again calling for either the formation of right-wing death squads to purge San Francisco of these undesirable individuals who are shitting in the streets. If not that, the city should be nuked along with its inhabitants so it can be rebuilt from scratch.