POTUS went to Twitter expressing his desire to see his former Jew lawyer Michael Cohen get a full jail sentence.

Can’t blame him. Cohen has basically agreed to make up weird stories about Trump in exchange for better treatment from Bob Mueller.

Trump needs to do a purge of Jews from the White House. That especially includes that kike Jared Kushner. None of them can be trusted. This Cohen debacle spells it out as plainly as it possibly could.

Why else would Kushner get a softball interview with CNN? Even though CNN is 100 percent anti-Trump all the time and Kushner is part of the Trump White House, he just so happened to get white glove treatment? That right there proves he’s a bad actor and can’t be trusted.

It doesn’t matter that he’s married to Ivanka. He should be removed. Stephen Miller might be the only Jew in the White House that would be worth keeping around but even that at this point is questionable.