President Trump did a short press briefing with some of the Border Patrol guys today. All of them made the case with Trump that they needed a wall to secure the border and stop the illegal alien invasion.

One of the things that was interesting about the briefing is that Trump said that he was getting more popular support from the people on his border wall stance than anything else he’s ever done. Based on this, we can assume that he won’t agree to reopen the government unless he gets a substantial amount of funding for the border wall.

Bringing out the Border Patrol guys was a great move though. It shows that the people on the front lines are the ones who really support the border wall. There’s a bullshit narrative in the Jewish media describing Trump’s idea for a border wall as a crazy thing that won’t work. This is obviously a lie.

But how much longer can the Democrats support open borders and not give the Border Patrol people what they need to do their job? It seems like an untenable long term position. They’ve taken a political position that is opposed to public safety and national security. There is zero reason for Trump to give in on this issue. He has the winning hand and the people are behind him on this.