As somebody who was extremely eager to see millions if not billions of people die from the coronavirus, I have thus far been left disappointed. So far, more people have died from the flu than from COVID-19. Yet despite that, the powers that be around the world have enforced draconian lockdowns which has brought us to the brink of a global economic depression.

Despite the numbers, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been making the rounds telling us that we are all doomed. He made some stupid comment about how the coronavirus was like a “bullet train.”

He was also on CNN last night getting interviewed by his dumbass brother Fredo where heĀ  spread even more doom and hysteria while blaming the orange man for all the problems.

I’m not buying all this insanity and I couldn’t give a shit if a bunch of people die from it. It’s mostly old people and people with pre-existing conditions dying from it.

This entire crisis is being used to implement all sorts of fucked up unconstitutional and dystopic agendas.