Nick Fuentes appeared on the InfoWars War Room show with Owen Shroyer yesterday. It was a crazy show.

The highlights of the show included the following:

Alex Jones taking over the show and Shroyer looking really pissed off about it. He literally looked as though his soul had been ripped out of his body by Jones.

The Fuentes six million cookie joke being played on the big screen behind Jones and Shroyer.

Jones disavowing Adolf Hitler and Nazis several times after the six million cookie joke was played behind them.

Jones saying that he’d start taking over other InfoWars shows once a week because a caller was accidentally left on hold for hours.

Jones saying that Sebastian Gorka reminded him of a gay whale but that he had nothing against gay people.

Fuentes saying that Owen Benjiman is probably a Jewish homosexual who jerks off with other men.

The whole show was crazy.

I also listened to the show on 1.75X speed which in my view greatly enhanced the experience of listening to Jones.

I still think Jones is completely nuts and a shill for Jews and Israel but this appearance by Fuentes was entertaining.

Fuentes is apparently going to make an appearance on Alex’s normal show sometime today. Hopefully it will be as entertaining as this was.